Are you interested in animal life? If you love playing with animals, Zoomumba is just for you! In crazy Zoomumba zoo, you will find the mystery and wild life of animals.

Funny, cute but naughty animals will breed in your zoo, and become the center of attention for visitors. The better time the visitors have, the more fame points you will earn. You can develop your zoo and win more by buying new animals, upgrading your zoo, and building new facilities. The game is not limited to these. You can go on a safari and discover new species, you can learn which animals eat what and under what conditions they live. Zoomumba not only entertains you but also teaches you about animals.

Play Zoomumba and create your dream zoo. Show yourself to the world.

• Cute and amusing animations and graphics
• Hundreds of animal species and to be able to build fences
• Browser-based gameplay without installing any file to your computer
• To be able to visit other players’ farms
• Opportunity to know and learn new animals with game’s educative features

You can play MMO strategy game Zoomumba for free in Hengame now!