Creating the city of your dreams now is in your hands. Put on your safety helmet and start building your unique style city!

Turn your little town to a worldwide metropolis. As a mayor, you are responsible for making Urbi people happy. You need to fulfill the need of Urbi people such as water, electricity, transportation, school, hospital, fire station, and police station, parks, garden and sport centers like tennis court, basketball court or stadium.

You can possess your own city in this funny and lively construction simulation. Of course you need to take care of city’s operations such as working, social, economic and industry. There are lots of must do in RamaCity! Complete quests or build your dream city. There is no frustration in RamaCity!

•Items and structures to create your own city without limiting your imagination
• Wonderful visuals and higher quality graphics than most of other browser games
• No need to download or install anything, just play on browser
•Entertaining quests
•Funny animations

And Urbi people are waiting for you to live in city created by you! Register Hengame and play RamaCity now! You can play Ramacity for free.