Lord Of Ultima

Are you ready to rule your army and conquer the world? You can be the king of the Lord of Ultima. Some want to build civilization, some desire to demolish it! In Lord of Ultima, you can build your own civilization, conquer others’ and rule the whole world!

Collect resources, build structures, greaten army and lead them with your own tactics and strategies to seal your civilization’s fate. Ruling to the greatest medieval civilization is in your hand. You need to do more than fighting in battlefields to become big and honorable ruler in Lord of Ultima. Besides diplomacy and trading, you should outmaneuver your opponents by targeting enemy cities to spy, plunder, attack or siege.

An awesome strategy game Lord of Ultima is waiting for you. Once you have started, you will not leave the game because the war does not end until one side is destroyed! Be ready for a big challenge in medieval. Build your own civilization, join the war and make the history!

•A strategy scenario which is deep and no limits
•Fantastic visuals and more quality graphics than most of other browser games
•No need to download or install anything, just play on browser
•Various city construction modes to build civilization
•Advanced trading system
•Becoming allies with other online players
• Merciless and deadly battles

All and more is in Lord Of Ultima, a free to play browser based strategy MMO. You can play Lord of Ultima, a browser based MMORPG, free on Hengame.