Let your dreams come true. You can build your own farm by using natural resources, raise animals, and become neighbors with your friends. Plant vegetables to your field, harvest them, raise your animals, and go to the city to sell your goods in Farmerama Farms. You can economically develop by trades, enlarge your farm, and take advantages against other farmers.

Open your own farmer to visit for thousands of players, visit their farms, have chat with them, and become friends in Farmerama. With amusing animations and graphics, entertaining quests, Farmerama offers you a farm full of fun. Managing a farm has never become more entertaining than this.

Sign up to Farmerama, create your farm from scratch, manage it, have fun, and win. The feature of Farmerama:

• Amusing, entertaining graphics and voice effects
• Browser-based gameplay without installing any file to your computer
• With various vegetation, animals, items, the opportunity to create your own dream-farm
• To be able to rival against other players and your friends

Start playing Farmerama now, raise animals and plants, become a top farmer for free.