Choose your character; protect the world from the evil deeds of dragons in Drakensang Online. Here is some features of this beautiful MMORPG:

• Browser-based gameplay without installing any file to your computer
• Breath-taking graphics and voice effects
• Addictive and entertaining quest system
• Various cities, dungeons, trade center and merciless arenas which are different from each other.
• Interesting characters and classes which you can develop


In Drakensang Online, choose you character among Spellweaver, Dragonknight, Ranger; play the game with thousands of players against evils, without installing anything to your PC. After centuries of human domination, the world of Drakensang is under the threat of evil creatures and dragons now. They broke their chains and unleashed the evil powers. They are attacking furiously. Stop this madness by joining Drakensang Online! Humankind needs brave warriors to defeat the evil. Are you the hero the humanity is waiting for? If yes, sign up now and play this 3d MMORPG without installing anything to your PC.

Fight with other players and protect humans against evil in various battle and PVP modes now!