Battlefield Heroes

With its incredibly entertaining comic-style graphics, Battlefield Heroes presents you a unique gameplay experience. Choose your side, join the action, and change the fate of the war between two sides.

Unlike previous Battlefield games, Battlefield Heroes is not a first person shooter (FPS), it is a third person shooter (TPS). With its comic-style graphics, gameplay which gives players freedom, low system requirements, Battlefield Heroes offers a convenient and incredibly fun gameplay, and accesses millions of people worldwide, in this way. You can use jeeps, tanks, and planes, and continue fighting both in the air and land. As millions of people do, play Battlefield Heroes and join the fun.

In Battlefield Heroes, you can:

• Create your own comic-style hero, customize and develop him/her,
• Fight with your friends online in the same map,
• Use all the vehicles against your enemies,
• Battle against your enemies in various maps such as villages or jungles.

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